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Today’s news cycle is not what it was 10 years ago. With social media taking front stage, it is now being measured in seconds rather than minutes, hours, or even days as it used to be. The sheer amount of news content out there, coupled with fake news, can be very confusing to look through. Like it or not, most news presents us with facts that we should be using to make decisions in everyday life. Sifting through the daily news cycle for world, national, and local news can be very time consuming and frustrating.

There is a key term used in government and by researchers called OSINT, which stands for Open Source Intelligence. You may not look at the news cycle as intelligence, but that is exactly what it is. News from the web, articles, magazines, white papers, social media, etc all present information that can be used to help make strategic decisions for individuals and families in times of crisis. Individuals and families that choose to embrace information, rather than hide from it, will make more informed decisions and have a far greater percentage of surviving in the event of global upheaval.

Our compiled intelligence information will help you to get a broad view of the world around you, and better prepare you for turbulent times ahead. When hard times hit, there are those that are prepared and have a plan, and there are those that have no clue what is happening in the world, or even in their own community. Subscribe now to start getting informed.

Benefits of Joining:

  • We give you the ability to log into one place to get meaningful information that you can use in your decision making process
  • Gives the average citizen the ability to make informed decisions
  • Helps you to see the global picture and how it could affect the US and her interests
  • Gives you information that allows you to formulate a plan of action
  • Saves you from having to do all the legwork to follow up on current world events
  • Members will be able to benefit from analysis on the most critical world issues
  • We offer a premium subscriber section that goes into more depth and detail on the world events unfolding around you
  • We offer a SITREP page (Situation Report) that offer our subscribers quick information on unfolding events
  • The person with knowledge of world events and how they affect you will be better positioned to make critical decisions when the time is right, and not when it is too late

We are OSINT driven.

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